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Tree Trimming Cost

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

With most property owners in Tallahassee using trees for ornamental purposes, tree trimming is a key maintenance procedure that ensures trees are looking their best throughout the year. Tree trimming improves the crown shape, removes dead branches from the crown, and cuts any overgrown branches to size. The resulting tree is capable of giving the entire property an impressive value boost. 

Working with professional tree trimmers guarantees maximum benefits from the tree maintenance procedure. It also eliminates the risks of injuries, property damage, and irreparable tree damage. 

If you are planning a tree trimming project, you should understand the costs to expect. In this guide, we will take a look at the average tree trimming cost and the factors that affect this cost. 

The Average Cost of Trimming Trees in Tallahassee, Florida 

In Tallahassee, FL, professional tree trimmers charge $80 to $1000. People with smaller trees generally enjoy a lower tree trimming cost, with professionals charging them $80 to $400. The tree trimming cost increases to about $500 for the medium-sized trees before maxing out at about $1000 for the largest trees. 

Tree Trimming Cost Factors in Tallahassee, Florida 

1. Size of the Tree 

Two size factors come into play when estimating the tree trimming cost – tree height and crown width. However, for most of the trees that grow in Tallahassee, the size of the tree crown increases with tree height. For this reason, tree service providers put more emphasis on the height of a tree.

When climbing up a tree manually, the tallest trees take a lot of time to reach the crown. Also, since the distance between the tree crown and the ground is much bigger for tall trees, the largest trees are much riskier. Extra time, bigger risk, and a wider crown that needs more time to trim increase the tree trimming cost for large trees. 

  • Large tree trimming cost – These trees are generally taller than 60 feet. To trim a large tree, you will pay $200 to $1000. 
  • Medium tree trimming cost – These trees have a height between 30 and 60 feet. Trimming one of these trees will set you back $150 to $875. 
  • Small tree trimming cost – Small trees mature at a height of 30 feet and below. To trim one of these trees, you will spend $80 to $400. 

2. Proximity to Utilities

Trees standing next to utility lines and houses are much more complicated to trim. To avoid causing damage to your property, the tree trimmers will have the branches they intend to cut tied with ropes – these ropes will be used to lower the branches down slowly, controlling their falling path to keep them from landing on the utilities. This leads to a higher tree trimming cost. 

When trimming trees standing on open grounds, the professionals can allow the branches they cut to fly off without requiring control. Since the trees on the open ground require less trimming time, their tree trimming cost is much lower. 

3. Ability to Use a Bucket Truck 

In circumstances where a bucket truck is usable, professionals do not need to climb up a tree manually. The bucket truck generally carries the tree trimmers and holds them safely throughout the tree trimming period. 

Bucket trucks, however, require a parking space near the tree and a way to get to the parking space. Sometimes, trees are too enclosed to be accessible to the bucket truck. In such circumstances, the tree trimming professionals will have to climb up the tree manually. 

Manual climbing is riskier and tends to take more time. This often increases the tree trimming cost by 30% to 40%. If you had been charged $500 to trim a 60-foot tree with a bucket truck, the inability to use the bucket truck on a tree of the same height may increase the tree trimming cost to between $650 and $700. 

4. Tree Stability 

Unstable trees are risky to work, especially when the tree trimmers need to use manual climbing. The professionals have to use extreme caution when moving around the tree trunk to avoid stepping on weak branches and falling. Extra caution requires extra time and tends to increase the tree trimming cost. 

Some of the factors that cause tree instability include: 

  • High winds – When the wind gets caught in your tree’s crown it pulls the tree. This could damage the tree’s roots. 
  • Cracks on the trunk – These indicate that the tree has a serious problem that could easily kill it. An arborist may be needed to analyze the tree – this will help determine whether treatment is possible. In cases where treatment is impossible, tree removal may be recommended. 
  • Flooding – Flooding makes the soil too wet for the roots to attach strongly. If the tree’s anchor point is compromised, the tree may end up falling unless stabilized. 
  • Heavy machinery – During construction work, heavy machines may keep moving next to the tree’s base. The weight of these machines can cause a lot of damage to the roots, making the tree unstable. 

5. Tree Health 

Pests and diseases are extremely common in Tallahassee, FL. Both health problems weaken the tree’s branch structure, making the tree riskier to work on. Also, additional time is needed to work around the tree crown, ensuring that all the pest-infested branches have been removed – this leads to a higher tree trimming cost. 

Arborists are generally needed when trimming diseased trees. The arborists diagnose the diseased trees, determining the health problems affecting them and recommending the best treatment options. You may spend an average of $50 to $500 to treat your pest-infested or diseased tree – this cost will be added to the quoted tree trimming cost. 

6. Travel fees 

When tree trimmers have to cover a significant distance to get to the worksite, they may charge a travel fee of $0.5 per mile. Some professionals prefer to charge a fixed cost between $50 and $200, depending on the travel distance covered. 

Most property owners, however, can avoid the travel fee by simply hiring tree trimmers closest to their homes. Tree service providers have a predefined service area in which they offer their services without charging a travel fee. 

7. Number of Trees 

Trimming a group of trees together is more economical than trimming one tree at a time. While one 40-foot tree may cost $300 to trim, ten 40-foot trees may cost a total of $2500. This means that you will save $50 on each tree. 

When trimming several trees together, professionals get higher compensation and the fixed costs they deal with remain the same. This often allows them to charge a lower tree trimming cost without suffering losses. 

Hourly Tree Trimming Cost

For tree trimming professionals, hourly costs feature numerous downsides. For example, company A with experienced workers and advanced tree trimming gear can take 1 hour to trim a 40-foot tree. Company B with less-experienced workers may take 5 hours on the same tree. 

If both companies have a rate of $150 per hour, company A will charge you only $150 which will be a huge loss for the company and workers while company B will charge you $750 which will be a huge loss for you, the tree owner. To eliminate these issues, tree trimmers prefer to charge a fixed cost that takes care of all the costs involved in the project and provides a modest profit. 

DIY Tree Trimming Versus Hiring Professionals 

Before deciding to turn tree trimming into a DIY project, you must consider the costs and risks surrounding the procedure: 

DIY Tree Trimming Risks 

  • Ascending to the tree crown without all the necessary safety gear puts you at the risk of falling and sustaining heavy injuries.
  • The tools you will be using on your tree can also cause heavy injuries. 
  • If you do not have tree trimming experience, you may cause irreparable damage to the tree crown. 
  • If your tree is standing next to your house, garage, or other important structures, the falling branches may cause significant damages. 

DIY Tree Trimming Costs

While DIY tree trimming looks like a good idea to save money, the procedure can cost more money than professional tree trimming. The first cost that tree owners deal with is the cost of tree trimming tools: 

  • A ladder for $150 to $500
  • Safety gear for $50 to $150
  • Rent a heavy-duty gas trimmer for $50 per day
  • Gas pole pruner for $150 to $300
  • Loppers and hand-held pruners for $30 to $50
  • After trimming the trees, you will need to spend money on clean up and dumping. This will set you back $50 to $175. 
  • In the event you damage your home, you may spend a lot of money on repairs. 
  • In the case of injuries, hospital bills could be in the tune of thousands of dollars. 

If your trees are non-risky and you do not mind purchasing tree trimming tools, DIY trimming may be a good option. However, if your trees are large and risky, hiring professional tree trimmers is generally a much better idea. 

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