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Tree Pruning Cost

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

To prune a tree in Tallahassee, you will spend between $75 and $2000. The tree pruning cost changes from one tree to the other – while a large tree may set you back $1500 to $2000, small to medium-sized trees will cost $350 to $650. 

To explain why one property owner may spend over $1000 while another will spend a mere $100, we will take you through the factors that affect the tree pruning cost. However, keep in mind that to determine the exact cost for pruning a tree in your home, you may need to get a quotation from a tree service provider. 

Tree Pruning Cost Factors in Tallahassee, Florida 

1. Tree Size 

To determine the pruning cost for a specific tree, professionals consider two major size factors – the height of the tree and the crown size. If you have a white oak on your compound, you should expect to pay a higher tree pruning cost than someone with crape myrtle. 

In ideal situations, the white oak will reach maturity at a height between 60 and 100 feet and a crown spread between 50 and 80 feet. The crape myrtle, on the other hand, will mature at a height between 3 and 30 feet and a crown spread of up to 20 feet. 

The white oak will be riskier to work on, especially in situations where manual climbing is needed. What is more, is that the bigger tree will have thicker branches and a bigger crown – both increase the time needed to prune the tree. 

Depending on how big your tree is, you should expect the tree pruning costs outlined below: 

  • Small trees – For a tree to be considered small in Tallahassee, its height should be below 30 feet. Small trees feature the lowest tree pruning cost. You will be charged $75 to $400. 
  • Medium-sized trees – These trees have a height between 30 and 60 feet. In Tallahassee, Florida, tree pruners charge $150 to $800 for every medium-sized tree. 
  • Large trees – Large trees have a height of 60 to 100 feet. These trees cost $800 to $1500 per tree to prune. 
  • Extremely large trees – Trees in this category have a height above 100 feet. In Tallahassee, Florida, trees like white pines and sequoia are generally taller than 100 feet – to prune one of these trees at maturity, you will spend $1,500 to $2000. 

2. Tree Species

Tree species affects different tree characteristics – this includes the height of the tree, the crown size and wood hardness. This often affects the tree pruning cost – for example, since white pines are common at heights above 100 feet, their tree pruning cost is generally higher than that of the crape myrtles which mature at a height below 30 feet. 

Below, we will look at the tree pruning cost of some of the tree species that grow in Tallahassee: 

Lemon Tree Pruning Cost 

Although lemon trees are capable of producing fruits even on shaded branches, tree pruning is key for boosting both productivity and lemon tree health. In Tallahassee, lemon trees rarely grow taller than 15 feet. To prune lemon trees, tree service providers charge $100 to $400. 

Cherry Tree Pruning Cost 

Cherry trees grow to be 12 to 15 feet tall. You will be charged $100 to $400 to prune a single cherry tree. 

Palm Tree Pruning Cost 

Palm trees are common at heights ranging from 20 feet to over 80 feet. Depending on the height of your palm tree, you should expect a tree pruning cost of $100 to $1500. 

Pear and Fig Tree Pruning Cost 

In Tallahassee, fig and pear trees mature at heights between 30 and 60 feet. To prune these trees, professionals charge $250 to $550 per tree. 

Apple Tree Pruning Cost 

For apple trees to be productive, they need regular professional pruning. Without pruning, apple trees may fail to produce fruits. Most apple trees have a large crown spread – to work on this crown, professionals charge $300 – $600 per tree. 

Plum Tree Pruning Cost 

Tree pruning benefits plum trees through the removal of old wood. Also, pruning increases sunlight access and may boost productivity. You will be charged $200 to $500 to prune your plum tree. 

Peach Tree Pruning Cost 

When it comes to peach trees, pruning is generally needed to minimize the risk of infections. To prune your peach trees, you will need $350 to $700. 

3. Accessibility 

The tree pruning project is extremely easy when the trees are standing away from any important buildings and amenities. For such trees, the tree pruners can allow the branches they cut to fall freely – with no amenities nearby, the limbs cannot cause damage. 

If you have trees standing next to your house, more work will be needed to lower down the branches without cause damage. The tree pruners often tie the branches with ropes and then lower them down slowly. This procedure takes a lot of time and often forces the tree pruners to charge a higher price – the higher cost, however, is worth it considering it helps you avoid expensive repairs. 

4. Ability to Use A Bucket Truck 

Bucket trucks make the tree pruning procedure extremely easy. Automatically raising the tree pruners to the crown, bucket trucks eliminate the need for manual climbing. Also, bucket trucks make the entire tree pruning procedure safer – it minimizes the risk of falling. 

However, not always trees favor bucket truck use. In cases where the tree is inaccessible to the bucket truck, the tree service providers are forced to using manual climbing. Riskier and more time-consuming, manual climbing increases the tree pruning cost by 30% to 40%. 

If your 120-foot tree would cost $1500 to prune with the bucket truck, the inability to use a bucket truck may increase the tree pruning cost to between $1950 and $2100. 

5. Tree Health 

On healthy trees, tree pruning is easier since the tree pruners just need to remove a few branches that either pose a safety risk or damage the tree’s appearance. On unhealthy trees, a lot of time is needed to inspect the tree and remove all the diseased branches. 

Also, unhealthy trees are riskier to work on. Diseases and pests tend to weaken the tree’s branches – in the case of manual climbing, the professionals are often forced to bring additional safety gear to avoid falling off the tree crown. The higher risk and the extra time needed when working on unhealthy trees generally increases the tree pruning cost. 

6. Additional Costs 

When working with a company for the first time, you should ask the team the types of services they include in the quoted cost. More often than not, tree owners find out that the following costs are supposed to be paid for separately. 

Travel Fees 

This cost comes into play when you decide to work with a team that lives too far from your home. Working with a team near your home puts the tree service provider in your service zone, eliminating the need for you to finance their travel expenses. 

In Tallahassee, tree service providers charge $0.5 per mile covered. However, some tree service providers prefer charging a fixed cost of $50 to $200 depending on the number of miles covered.

Cleanup and Dumping 

After pruning a tree, some professionals may clean up up your landscape. However, not all tree pruners include the cleanup cost in your quotation. For this reason, you may find yourself paying an extra $25 to $100 for cleanup. 

Treatment Costs

You will only have to worry about this extra cost if your tree is showing signs of ill health. Professionals may need to work with an arborist to identify the health complications affecting your tree and the treatment options you can use. Treating a tree in Tallahassee can set you back $50 to $500. 

Factors Affecting Tree Pruning Timing 

  • Safety – If your tree has weakened branches that are threatening to fall, pruning has to be done immediately to minimize the risk of injury. 
  • Health – When conducted early enough, tree pruning can keep health problems from jumping from one branch to other parts of the tree. 
  • Property value – If you are planning to sell your property, you may be able to improve its value by investing in tree pruning ahead of property valuation. 
  • The dormant stage – This is the period to prune a tree. Since the tree is not growing actively, the dormant stage reduces the chances of tree damage and injury. 

Saving Money on Pruning 

To save some money when pruning trees, use the tips outlined below: 

  • Use DIY tree pruning on the small non-risky trees. 
  • Hire professionals closest to your home to avoid the travel fee. 
  • Maintain healthy trees to avoid treatment costs. 
  • Prune the trees regularly to keep them in shape. If your trees need just a few cuts, professionals will charge you a lower tree pruning cost. 
  • If you have trees near powerlines, let the power company prune them. 
  • Wait for the seasons when the tree pruning projects reduce. This will allow you to take advantage of low tree pruning costs.  
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