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Tree Trimming Cost

With most property owners in Tallahassee using trees for ornamental purposes, tree trimming is a key maintenance procedure that ensures trees are looking their best throughout the year. Tree trimming improves the crown shape, removes dead branches from the crown, and...

Tree Removal Costs

The cost of removing a tree ranges from 200 to over $2000 in Tallahassee. However, since most property owners have small to medium-sized trees, a cost of $400 to $1200 is more common. A typical medium-sized tree with minimal risks will cost you $750 while a tree of...

Tree Pruning Cost

To prune a tree in Tallahassee, you will spend between $75 and $2000. The tree pruning cost changes from one tree to the other – while a large tree may set you back $1500 to $2000, small to medium-sized trees will cost $350 to $650.  To explain why one property owner...
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